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Women4Africa Awards

I am overjoyed and humbled to share the fantastic news of being honoured as the Career Woman of the Year at Women4Africa 2023! This prestigious award recognizes the culmination of my relentless pursuit of excellence, determination, and unwavering commitment to my chosen path.

This remarkable achievement signifies the triumphs and challenges I have faced throughout my journey. From striving to break through barriers to become a role model for aspiring professionals, my career has been a testament to the power of perseverance.

From overcoming self-doubt to navigating the complexities of the corporate world, I will candidly reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and the strategies that have propelled me forward.

Together, we will explore the significance of this award as a symbol of empowerment. Through this session, I aim to inspire others to embrace their unique strengths, seize opportunities, and embrace their journey towards personal and professional fulfilment.

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