Toyin Bakare is an experienced events host who runs her own successful dining and coaching events in the field of property investments and life coaching.

As the first point of contact your attendees are priority, they will be fully informed on proceedings, will feel relaxed and eager for the event with your business. Your corporate reputation is always in mind, creating an happy expectant atmosphere that is pleasant and professional when introducing speakers and experts.

Toyin Bakare is a fun, welcoming, lovely, outgoing, energetic who is very comfortable creating pleasant atmosphere, a selfless team player, well-spoken and confident, always keeping focus on the essentials the event is communicating to the audience. Attendees will feel very welcome in events ranging from business functions in venues like restaurants, conferences, art galleries to wedding receptions and trade shows.

When your guests arrive for the event as the host she’ll greet and introduce myself keeping focus on the event, answering any questions directing guests towards their seats and refreshments, guests will be in a ready state of expectancy, ensuring all activities go as scheduled and making sure moments of the events schedule run smoothly.

Interacting with guests is a huge part of an event and relate to people from a variety of different backgrounds. It’s a comfort Toyin Bakare is very experienced in hosting her own successful Property Pillars Club Networking events who is organised, focused on making sure the event is always well coordinated, fluid, interacting with guests, encouraging creative connections with charm, wit, is graceful and friendly.

As your host she will arrive at the event ahead of time, making sure everything is ready prior guests arrival with your list of requirements that nothing is forgotten during setup of the event, being dressed appropriately and professionally ready to make your attendees feel welcome and comfortable.

For more information on hosting your event with Toyin Consulting, get in touch at now and we will help identify what your needs are and how we are able to help you with the results and guidance you desire.

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