Toyin Consulting is the business support service of Mrs. Toyin Bakare.

Our support will help you achieve your business goals through collaborations with Toyin Consulting experts, business specialist and recruitment professionals along with partner organisations and funding bodies.

Whatever your business size, sector or stage of development, you’ll find business support to help you StartGrow or Innovate your business.

With Toyin Consultancy the benefits of mentorship for business aptitudes and property can range from…

  • Increasing confidence
  • Motivation
  • Better study skills
  • Business engagement
  • Influential communication
  • Personal, leadership
  • Management qualities

Her mentorship will help you set better career goals, resolve personal business concerns and make better career decisions. Toyin is enthusiastic about your goals, encourages you to value ongoing learning, provides solid feedback, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.  Toyin begins her guidance from assessing your needs, setting positive goals with homework and encourage your ability to make solid decisions to excite you with a sense of progression and accountability.

Toyin Bakare makes her commitment in a caring and fun way. If changes reach a critical level of pressure, she will help you find different ways of thinking and a re-ordering of your value. She has many examples from her life to help you succeed, demonstrating how she created awareness of where she is today, how she adjusted her approach to life’s setbacks, what she learned by her experiences and conclusions that led to personal and business success.

Toyin Consultancy begins the relationship by scheduling an initial 10-15 minute conversation to assess your commitment, determination and desired success, understanding what you feel you need and help you move towards your goals using one-on-one conversations and other learning activities through preparation, negotiating, enabling growth and ongoing development. Her mentoring is based on mutual trust and respect, delivering mentorship that makes sense to you, keeping your best interest in mind.

For more information on mentorship with Toyin Consulting, get in touch now and we will help identify what your needs are and how we are able to help you with the results and guidance you desire.

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