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What comes to your mind when you think of FASHION? Trendy? Hot Chic? Designers? Colourful?

Comfort? Or a combination of them all?

Fashion is the latest style of clothing or a manner of doing something. You know there’s a saying that looking good is good business and I agree totally with this.

Why do you think there are people whose job is making people look good?  That’s because looking good is gold. Everyone wants to look good and feel good.

How do you feel when People turn their heads to ‘wow’ at your attire?

How do you feel when people tell you to your face that you look so good and beautiful?  There is this sense of accomplishment you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror after getting dressed for an occasion. You see your reflection and you scream excitedly ‘Just look at you Momma!!’.

Your ability to appear that way is your FASHION SENSE. Your sense of style, the knowledge you have of dressing in a fashionable way is your fashion sense.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good fashion sense. No, you don’t! Who says you have to be expensively dressed before you can look good?

Just know what fits you, know the colours that look good on your skin and use them to be spectacular.

Fashion sense also mean comfort and confidence. Are you able to catwalk in those heels? If no, then be confident in those flats. Own them, it is your style.

Know your style and make it your own.

Here are testimonial from some of the World’s most fashionable Women personally love Ankara print designs and I’ll tell you why I do in the next series of Toyin’s Fashion Sense.

I want you to go on an adventure from today. Try out new clothing’s, you will discover your style that way; that is if you are yet to discover your fashion sense right now.

Remember, consistency in style gives you a sense of fashion. Own your style and your comfort!

Fashion must not be expensive!!


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